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The CLARIN Knowledge-Centre for Linguistic Diversity and Language Documentation (CKLD) is a distributed CLARIN K-Centre that offers expertise on language resources within this area and the relevant data-related methods, technology and tools. The CKLD provides assistance to researchers, including students and native speakers.

We support individuals and teams from the early planning phase to the realization of language documentation and other fieldwork based research projects as well as typological research. We provide information and assistance relating to fieldwork and data-related methodological aspects and in particular relating to equipment, digital tools, methods, where to find data and information, and whom to contact for specialist information on particular regions or language families.

CKLD is jointly operated by


Hamburg Centre for Language Corpora

University Hamburg


Endangered Languages Archive

Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities


Data Centre for the Humanities

University of Cologne


Department of Linguistics

University of Cologne


Leibniz-Centre General Linguistics



Interdisciplinary Centre for Social and Language Documentation